Bicycle Tips for Beach Cruiser Riders

Beach cruisers are a great way to get exercise, enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, and commute in a way that is worlds away from the hassle and headache of driving a car. However, while beach cruisers can take you away from the fast lane of the highway, like all bicycles, you must follow some basic guidelines for remaining safe on your beach cruiser bicycle:

1) Obey traffic signals and signs. You must obey the rules of the road in order to remain safe, especially if you’re sharing the road with motorists. Not obeying basic signs and rules is a leading cause of bicycle accidents, and simply obeying traffic rules while on your beach cruiser bike is a great way to insure that you stay safer. If riding your beach cruiser bike on the roads is too much, consider heading for your local hike and bike trail.

2) Reduce distractions. Riding with headphones, trying to answer a cell phone while on your beach cruiser, or otherwise distract yourself while you are on your beach cruiser can greatly increase the odds that you will be in an accident. Always stay alert and be aware of traffic around you while you are riding around.

3) Always wear a helmet. Many people assume that since beach cruisers do not have the multiple speeds that mountain bicycles have, the rider of a beach cruiser bike does not require a helmet. This is not the case. Even if you ride your beach cruiser bicycle at a very leisurely pace, slips, accidents, and spills can happen, all of which can lead to brain injury and a host of other injuries. Even if you plan on leisurely ride, wear a helmet.

4) Drive like other vehicles. Avoid riding against traffic, since motorists aren’t expecting bicyclists on the wrong side of the road, and may swerve or inadvertently cause an accident. If you are not confident of your abilities to ride on the road with traffic, look for hike and bike trails near your home that you can use.

5) Learn to use hand signals. Hand signals alert pedestrians and motorists what you’re about to do, and can help ensure that motorists can predict your turns, stops, and other actions. This helps keep both you and motorists safer.

6) Do not weave. Weaving, whether between parked cars or moving vehicles, is extremely dangerous. Weaving between moving vehicles creates unpredictable situations in which a motorists can hit you, simply because they don’t see you coming. Weaving between parked cars is equally dangerous, since motorists pulling out of the parking lot may not see you, either.

In many cases, using common sense and obeying the laws and rules of riding a bicycle are all it takes to keep you safer on your beach cruiser bicycle. While these guidelines certainly won’t guarantee that you will stay safe, they will go a long way to ensuring that you will not be in an accident.

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