Dating back to the 1930s when cruiser bicycles were known as vintage bicycles, these were very popularly known as beach bikes in the 1940s and 50s. The standard bicycles are closely related to the beach bikes sharing the same comfort, speed and versatile features. There was a fall in the use of these bicycles with the introduction of light weight and speed oriented mountain and road bikes designed for racing. This was mainly because of the light weight and artistic frames that went into the manufacturing of racing bicycles.

However, in the 1990s these bicycles started to have a comeback with more people preferring to use them in college campuses and people living along the oceanfront. It even was used for city rides, but however the modern technology has been introduced into these old fashioned vintage bicycles. With the rise in weight watchers cruiser bicycles are much sought after.

Designed exclusively for beach use, cruiser bicycles are part of weight watchers’ health plan. Since they have balloon like tires with broad wheels they can be used on the beach sand without much discomfort for the rider. The tires are designed especially for beach sand and will not get stuck in the sand while riding. This is the most motivating feature that beach bicycles provide for their users.

Generally speaking cycling is considered one of the best ways of maintaining a perfectly shaped body. Though not many people feel the need to buy a bicycle they prefer going to the gym and doing similar exercises like cycling. Most of the time when visiting beaches one would have to park your vehicle a bit far out and walk to the seashore. Instead of walking each time you visit the beach one can try using the cruiser bicycle and enjoy the experience.

Ordering these bicycles online is the most efficient and easiest way of acquiring the best models. When you order online and receive your bicycle, it is almost 80% assembled, the remaining 20% of assembling is only your job. Summer time is the best time when these bicycles find the most number of sales because there are more people visiting the beach during this season. Cruiser bicycles are provided with necessary accessories like bell, horns, baskets etc. which you may require while riding along the beach sand. The design of each bicycle model depends on the manufacturer who chooses the design, brand name and functions.