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Specialty of beach cruisers

Dating back to the 1930s when cruiser bicycles were known as vintage bicycles, these were very popularly known as beach bikes in the 1940s and 50s. The standard bicycles are closely related to the beach bikes sharing the same comfort, speed and versatile features. There was a fall in the use of these bicycles with the introduction of light weight and speed oriented mountain and road bikes designed for racing. This was mainly because of the light weight and artistic frames that went into the manufacturing of racing bicycles.

However, in the 1990s these bicycles started to have a comeback with more people preferring to use them in college campuses and people living along the oceanfront. It even was used for city rides, but however the modern technology has been introduced into these old fashioned vintage bicycles. With the rise in weight watchers cruiser bicycles are much sought after.

Designed exclusively for beach use, cruiser bicycles are part of weight watchers’ health plan. Since they have balloon like tires with broad wheels they can be used on the beach sand without much discomfort for the rider. The tires are designed especially for beach sand and will not get stuck in the sand while riding. This is the most motivating feature that beach bicycles provide for their users.

Generally speaking cycling is considered one of the best ways of maintaining a perfectly shaped body. Though not many people feel the need to buy a bicycle they prefer going to the gym and doing similar exercises like cycling. Most of the time when visiting beaches one would have to park your vehicle a bit far out and walk to the seashore. Instead of walking each time you visit the beach one can try using the cruiser bicycle and enjoy the experience.

Ordering these bicycles online is the most efficient and easiest way of acquiring the best models. When you order online and receive your bicycle, it is almost 80% assembled, the remaining 20% of assembling is only your job. Summer time is the best time when these bicycles find the most number of sales because there are more people visiting the beach during this season. Cruiser bicycles are provided with necessary accessories like bell, horns, baskets etc. which you may require while riding along the beach sand. The design of each bicycle model depends on the manufacturer who chooses the design, brand name and functions.

Steel or aluminum beach cruiser frame

As a Beach Cruiser enthusiast I’m often ask about the difference between an Aluminum Beach Cruiser and a Steel Beach Cruiser. This article will highlight the differences in various beach cruisers and make some recommendations.

Years ago most bicycles were made in the United States. Beach Cruisers by Schwinn, Electra, Nirve and many others held a strong presence in the United States Beach Cruiser Market. Those days are gone.

Almost all bicycles are made in either China or Taiwan. The same plant that is making baby buggies today may be retooled and making beach cruisers tomorrow. This has had two dramatic effects on the USA Beach Cruiser Market. First, the price of Beach Cruiser Bicycles has fallen dramatically over the last thirty years when adjusted for inflation. Unfortunately so has quality. Today’s market is very much a “buyer beware” type of market and is full of bicycles that years ago would not have passed quality control standards. Part of this is due to the throw away nature of our society. Few people anticipate keeping their bike more than 1-2 bicycle seasons. Most beach cruisers will see a usable life cycle of 1-2 seasons and then set in the back of the garage or carport until discarded.

However, for those looking for quality I suggest two approaches. First, examine the welds on the bicycle. Cheaper bicycles show weld puddles at the joints and do not have the smooth fine welds made on your quality models. Second, (and maybe this is just me) I have observed that bicycles produced in mainland China do not have the same quality controls implemented as beach cruisers produced in Taiwan. Although, controversial as to the reasons I have attributed this to the relatively new introduction of the mainland Chinese to free enterprise markets. Hopefully, in a few years Chinese manufactures will implement quality controls so that all “runs” of beach cruiser bicycles will be quality controlled and not just a few. For now buyer beware.

As to the difference in steel and aluminum beach cruisers you can expect to pay slightly more for an aluminum beach cruiser. If you are looking for a light weight beach cruiser that will be rust resistant then aluminum beach cruiser may be exactly what you are looking for. People living on the beach or who take their beach cruiser to the beach regularly will benefit from this technology. The downside is that most manufactures have a far wider selection of steel beach cruisers than aluminum beach cruisers. As a result most customers who have a limited life expectancy for their beach cruiser will be happier with the greater selection of steel beach cruisers.

How did beach cruisers come around?

Beach cruiser bicycles come in one speed and 3 speeds, have excellent seating posture with balloon tires and a steel frame. The styles of the bikes differ greatly from maker to maker. These bikes originally came about during the depression in America. Schwinn wanted to sell more adult bikes and decided to make a lower cost bike that was sturdy. The first beach cruiser made by Schwinn was called the Aero Cycle. The bicycle was an instant success.

After World War II, the country fell in love with Schwinn. The huge success of Schwinn caused other bicycle manufacturers to add things to their bikes too. The adaptations to the cruiser ranged from fringed saddlebags to chrome plating all over the bike. They remained popular into the 1950s

Then 1960 rolled around and the sale of cruisers dropped. Suddenly America had more important things on their mind. This decline continued through the 1970s. Then in the 1980s the cruisers began to inch their way back to success. It started small and many people laughed at people who bought beach cruiser bicycles and thought they were a joke. Then in the 1990s the beach cruiser craze exploded. The joke was over. Everyone loved these bikes.

Today, beach cruisers are coming back in a big way. These bikes are exactly like the original but lighter then the mountain bikes and more affordable for the most part. The style and comfort offered by these bikes has not changed over the decades. Schwinn brought these bikes back for their 100 year celebration and began remaking beach cruisers like crazy.

Roadmaster and soon followed and started making their own version of this bike. In a way the popular bike that looks like a motorcycle or bike is a cousin of cruisers. The cruisers have became so popular that many towns have started having “beach cruiser day” where everyone shows up on their own beach cruiser bicycle.

Cruisers have became popular due to the baby boomers and because they offer a much more comfortable ride. Beach cruisers have made such a splash that there is even an exercise bike built to give you the feel of a cruiser.

Now there is a very competitive market for cruisers for men, women and children in different styles and colors, including pink, turquoise and yellow. People have began to exercise more and instead of costly gym memberships, are leaning towards bicycles, and more specifically, cruiser bicycles for a more comfortable and easy ride. This fact alone is helping the cruiser climb back to center stage. Cruisers are a common sight in many cities across the country showing that many Americans have taken to cruisers. Beach cruiser bicycles are back with a vengeance and here to stay.

Beach cruisers from us

You might have landed on this website and are wondering: “what is a beach cruiser bicycle?”…or maybe you think you know what a beach cruiser is, but you’re not really sure? Take it from us, we know our stuff! After all, we’re in the business of selling beach cruiser bikes, so let’s explain this for you! Beach cruiser bicycles can be considered an “old school” or a “vintage” style of bicycle, since their history dates back all the way to the 1930′s. In fact, beach cruiser bikes were extremely popular back in the 1930′s-1950′s. Like many popular beach cruisers today, in the old days beach cruiser bikes were characterized by the following features: wide balloon style tires, upright seating position, simple construction, simple single-speed operation, comfortable seat, and some other characteristics shared with beach cruiser bicycles today. Beginning in the 1960′s, the beach cruiser began to sag in popularity. The bicycle market began to get crowded with a variety of other bicycle options including: sport style road bikes, mountain bikes, and others. Many consumers preferred the multi-speed capability of road bikes, off-road capability of mountain bikes, and in some cases the lighter weight and easier portability offered by competing styles of bikes. Beginning sometime in the 1990′s, the beach cruiser bicycle began to experience a new big surge in popularity. Bicycle buyers began to again appreciate the classic vintage style, simple construction and simple operation of beach cruisers. From the 1990′s until today, bike buyers continue to be drawn to beach cruiser bikes for their style, affordability, and simplicity. Beach cruisers are particularly popular on college campuses, oceanfront beach communities, flat rural areas, and even in many large urban cities. While beach cruiser bicycles are often associated with beach towns in Southern California, they are frequently used in areas all over the USA and the world. In a world of hi-tech gadgets and overly complicated bicycle technology, there are a lot of folks out there who appreciate riding a good old fashioned beach cruiser bicycle (and you don’t need to live at the beach to ride one!). Check out the selection of quality beach cruisers offered by Copacabana Bikes, and perhaps you too will begin to see the virtues of beach cruising!

If it’s been some time since you’ve been to a bike shop, prepare yourself to get floored. Picking a bike from the shop is a challenge these days. The sheer varieties, styles and combinations available can confuse you. Whether you want simple, uncomplicated or super speed, just about anything is available for the picking. Among the different kinds of bikes on sale, beach cruiser bikes are probably the most loved and one of the most widely bought bikes. Beach cruiser bikes or ‘lifestyle bikes’ as they are now being called, are great for lengthy beach getaways or for short city rides. They are uncomplicated, easy to maintain and fabulous to ride. What with more and more people turning to biking for much needed exercise, bikes such as these are very much in demand. New features appear all the time and there are variations in prices. So, how can you decide on the right bike to buy? The first buying decision is regarding – not the bike – but the rider. Is the bike for a man or woman? Commonly, women?s bikes have the common drop and men?s bikes have the rigid and sometimes ugly looking crossbars. However, these days, many manufacturers have designed unisex beach cruiser bikes that pass as bikes for men and women. Generic bikes may be of standard colors like red, orange, black and Chrome. Even so, people who have certain preferences or those with handicaps may prefer bikes with a dip in the crossbar so that they can get on and off the bike without them having to throw their leg over the bike. Another important decision that needs to be taken is regarding the terrain. Will the beach cruiser ride on a hilly or level surface. Unless there is a specific purpose, there is no reason to buy a multi-speed cruiser bike. Since multi-speed bikes are difficult to maintain and assemble, these bikes may last for shorter periods too. Therefore, if you will be using the beach cruiser bike mainly for city riding, then, the better option is to stay with a single speed beach cruiser. The third decision is regarding the look of the bike. Do you or don?t you want fenders on the bike? This is a matter of personal preference. But, it must be remembered that although fenders are generally considered stylish, there are maintenance issues associated with them. Fenders should be made of hardy, durable materials. Make sure that the bike has a kick stand if you opt for fenders. Many people have the habit of dropping the bike when it is not in use and fenders cannot stand this abuse for long. On the other hand, the usability of fenders is limited as they are required only during the monsoons so that water is not thrown outwards when the tire moves. Finally, it is important to choose a bike that is of the right height for your use. One way to find out is to ride the bike before you buy. Otherwise, you will need to measure the inside of the seam of your pants and buy accordingly.

Beach cruiser bike overview

In 1933, a visionary bicycle company came out with the very first early model beach cruiser bikes. It was actually modeled after the motorcycles of the era with the design incorporating wide “balloon” tires and a steel constructed “cantilevered” frame for more durability. These two distinguishing features are what make a bike a cruiser to this very day. The cruiser model was the most popular bicycle in the United States from the 1930s through the 1950s and is still extremely popular in the 21st century. The cruiser has been used in service throughout history by the armed forces during times of war as well as the United States Postal Service.

Beach cruiser bikes are the best way to comfortably travel somewhat long distances on paved paths. Built for comfort, they provide a luxurious ride so that you can focus on other things like enjoying the scenery. The ultimate way to enjoy the coast line is from a beach cruiser but they are enjoyable to ride anywhere you can find a bike path as they were built to cruise so that you can enjoy the outdoors easily. Both the young and old alike can ride these luxurious bicycles, but don’t worry, even though they are “luxurious” there are cheap beach cruiser bikes out there if you know where to look.

Many people love beach cruisers for the large comfortable seats and the ergonomic handle bars that allow for easy steering along with their totally cool look. Some people like to customize their bikes with small additions such as handlebar streamers and classic horns or bells. Women’s beach cruiser bikes come in tons of cool colors which some people like to add baskets to carry things and lights for riding at night. The more extreme bike customizers often chop or lower their bikes but most are content to ride them as they come.

Whether it is a 1930s classic or a modern re-pop, beach cruiser bikes are the very best way to ride in both style and comfort. If there isn’t cycle showroom near your home then you can quite easily find something that suits your needs at one of the Online cruiser shops where prices start from as little as $150 and often include free shipping. Of course is you are looking for a custom bike you are going to have to pay a bit more, but you can be sure that it will be worth it.

What makes a beach cruiser a beach bike?

What Makes a Beach Cruiser Different?

There are such a range of bicycles and mountain bikes out there, why would anyone want a beach cruiser? The answer has to do with comfort and performance. The beach cruiser bicycle is one that your reverse pedal to brake. Usually single geared, this bicycle first became a hit in the 1950s, when Schwinn beach cruisers hit the market. Since the 1950s, these bicycles have grown in popularity – in fact, they have grown far more quickly than most other products in the bicycling market.

Beach cruiser bicycles are ideal at low speeds and on flat surfaces. As the name suggests, they are good on the beach, too — hard packed sand is best to ride on. The thing that makes these bicycles unique is their wide ties and heavy, steel frames. This build makes them less speedy than road or mountain bicycles and less sure on hills. However, although you can’t go tearing on hilly roads with a beach cruiser bike, the payoff is certainly in comfort. Even off the beach, this is the ideal comfort bike. If you want to see the world slide easily by as you enjoy the most comfortable bicycle ride of your life, the beach cruiser is certainly something you want to discover for yourself. One ride and you will certainly see why so many top-flight resorts and adventure tours rent these bikes to eager tourists. The experience is truly addicting.

In styling, beach cruisers are decidedly retro, although modern, lighter materials in today’s bikes make them sleeker and also more versatile than ever before. It certainly helps that today’s beach cruiser bicycles are available with multi-speed gearing systems for even better handling and even more cycling options. Beach cruisers generally have 2 inch whitewall tires and 26-inch wheels. While the 1950s models came with only one or two gears, today’s models come with up to 7 speeds for more flexibility when you are on the road. Upright handle bars and extra wide seats on most beach cruisers mean more comfort when you cycle.

If you are an urban warrior eager to really see the city, the beach cruiser is ideal. It allows you to ride comfortably and cycle smoothly along city streets, and also allows you to slow down and enjoy the view. If you want to get away from it all, the beach cruiser is the ideal way to take in a country road or a sunset along the beach. These truly versatile bicycles are truly a bonus for everyone who loves cycling. If you don’t want to pay a fortune for mountain bikes that are full of features you will never need, you owe it to yourself to check out the full product line at Copacabana Bikes. We specialize in cruisers and beach cruisers, so we can help you find a bicycle that you will really look forward to riding.

What’s The Connection Between SUVs And Mountain Bikes?

You know you’ve seen them: the urbanites sipping lattes and yakking on the phone while their drive their SUVs around the city. On the weekend, you see them, too, on mountain bikes. For a while now, there has been a trend in pricey over-features transportation. In terms of the SUV, the result is more gas-guzzling cars and larger vehicles that include every over-priced gadget under the sun. In terms of the bicycle, the result is more mountain bicycles, which are expensive and come with many functions. These bikes have expensive, ultra-light metal that offers very high speeds and most models boats a number of gears to make acceleration possible.

In terms of both SUVs and mountain bikes, many people are buying these items for sheer status alone. Not only are these pricey items replete with features that most owners do not use or do not need, but these expensive models can actually get in the way. Witness the rushed driver in his SUV, listening to his loud speakers and missing a great sunset – or the road warrior on his mountain bike, kicking up dust and missing grazing deer. The goal is not always speed.

The truth is, the sport of cycling does not always have to involve racing. In fact, focusing on leisure can offer many benefits and pleasures that a mountain bike simply cannot offer. Beach cruisers are bicycles made exactly for this sort of leisure purpose. Beach cruiser bicycles are not engineered for speed, but rather for leisure and fun riding. These bicycles are often far more affordable than high-ticket mountain bicycles, and they do not come with many of the features that you will probably not need. The truth is, while mountain bicycles come with many features, only the most ardent enthusiasts actually use those features. For most urban, casual biking, those features simply inflate price without adding real value. This is not a concern with the well-priced beach cruisers.

Plus, beach cruisers have advantages of their own. Many people find them to be among the more comfortable types of bikes. With their wide wheels and seats, they can also be more stable, making them ideal for families. Since they are so comfortable, people tend to use their beach cruiser bikes more often, which means that they get to enjoy more of the health and pleasure of bicycling. These bicycles are also ideal to ride in the park, in cities, and along lakesides. Contact Chubby’s One-Stop Cruiser Shop if you want more information. We specialize in beach cruisers, so we can help you select the bike that will bring you many years of fun and good exercise.

Be Tourist In Your Own Town With Beach Cruisers

Many resorts and tour companies abroad and domestically rent out beach cruiser bicycles to tourists interested in taking in the sights. It’s no wonder – these economically-priced bicycles provide optimal comfort and a wonderfully stable leisure ride. However, you don’t have to get away from it all to enjoy playing tourist in your own town.

A beach cruiser bike is the ideal way to see your own town from a whole new perspective. If you usually fly around your city in a car or commute with your head in a book, it’s time to try a beach cruiser. You will be simply astonished at all the attractions and sights you have missed.

A beach cruiser bicycle is the perfect transport for playing tourist. Much faster than walking, the beach cruiser bike lets you see more of a city without getting tired. The smooth ride and exceptional comfort of this type of bicycle allows you to focus on the sights and on relaxing, rather than on discomfort. In fact, although beach cruisers give you a great workout, they are very comfortable, so that you are more likely to stick with them and enjoy yourself. If you have been looking for a way to see more sights and enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise, a beach cruiser bike is your best option.

If you are like many people, you spent much of your younger years outside, biking around with friends on BMX’s and maybe on mountain bikes. These bikes allowed you to zip around, but you likely noticed discomfort after an extended ride. If you hadn’t been on a bike for months, BMXs or mountain bikes made your legs feel rubbery and created cramps. This is simply not a problem with beach cruisers. Even if it has been a while since you hopped on a bike, you may well find that you can comfortably bicycle for hours with no pain at all.

Unfortunately, you may find it hard to find beach cruisers or expert help regarding them in most bike stores. Although these bicycles are very poplar, many stores tend to focus on higher-ticket items such as mountain bikes. Copacabana Bikes can help. This Oregon company specializes only in beach cruisers and accessories, so you can find high-quality and well-priced beach cruisers as well as expert advice all in one spot. Contact Copacabana Bikes today to find out how much better your life could be with a beach cruiser.

Travel with beach cruiser bike

Beach Cruiser Tourism – A Great Way To See Other Cities

Go into many resorts, clubs, hotels, and other tourist attractions, and you’ll find that many of these places offer beach cruisers for rent to tourists. Why are visitors so attracted to the beach cruiser? There are many reasons. A beach cruiser bicycle is a very environmentally friendly way of getting around. In today’s world, when many of us are careful about the ways we impact the globe, renting a gas-guzzling car while on vacation does not always seem the responsible thing to do.

Beach cruiser bicycles are also a nice alternative to rental cars because they cost a fraction of the price. Tourists can easily traverse all the streets, trails, and other interesting areas of a town without spending an incredible amount of money. They can spend the difference on a longer vacation or on nicer dinners and attractions. Plus, in many places a beach cruiser is much safer than a car. In fact, some foreign countries do not allow US citizens to rent a car. The possibility of damage to the car or to the driver is simply too great. In these countries, a beach cruiser bicycle is the perfect way to get around. Even in countries where car rentals are possible, the beach cruiser bicycle is often a much more convenient and safe way to tour. Without worries about parking, unusual driving laws, and aggressive drivers, it is possible to really enjoy a drive on a beach cruiser bike.

Beach cruisers are also the ideal way to see a city. These bicycles, with their wider wheels, sturdier frames, and wider seats provide an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride. You may not be able to see all the attractions while whizzing by in a car, but while on a beach cruiser bike you can certainly see all the people, places, and artwork you crave. With the beach cruiser bike, you can even access areas that are not accessible by cars. For example, you can take a beach cruiser along firm sand on a beach or along hiking and biking trails in your destination city. Of course, if you get lost, it’s much easier to turn around on a beach cruiser bike than to try to find an exit on the highway while going 80 miles per hour. For stress-free, truly enjoyable touring, beach cruisers are the ideal option. If you haven’t rented one yet, try renting a beach cruiser on your next vacation.

Of course, you don’t have to get away from it all in order to enjoy a beach cruiser bicycle. Many of the customers who enter our Copacabana Bikes have rented a beach cruiser while on a vacation, and want to enjoy the same comfort and fun while at home. When these tourists return to Culver City, beach cruisers are the ideal way to see their own town with fresh eyes.

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